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Travel Insurance
Travel medical insurance provides protection for people travelling in case of a sudden accident or illness. We provide travel medical insurance for Canadians as well as non-Canadians travelling abroad.
Individual Health, Dental Insurance
Individual health insurance is also known as personal, or family, health insurance. It supplements your provincial health care coverage, and may or may not provide extended dental care.
Visitors Insurance
Visitors to Canada benefits applies to the following people: Canadian expatriates. Landed immigrants, foreign students and workers. Anybody else who is just visiting Canada.


Insurance is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial hardship in case losses occur. is responsile for providng information about, What type of insurance to buy? How much? For how long? With what features? This section introduces the different types of insurance that are available.We are helping you in finding, what the major types of insurance are and how they work, how to determine your own needs for insurance. We covers insurances like Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance, Visitors Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Benefits etc.


Miss happenings are never invited or intentional. These are unexpected events where we believe to think that it won’t happen to us. It’s confusing to know if it’s the blood or the carelessness that we say that, “I’m too young to get cancer or have any disease” and “I’m the safest driver on the road,’ are some of the common misconceptions.

In Critical care insurance, funds are given directly to the insured. These funds are utilized by the patient as it suits him. These expenses can be direct like medical bills or some extra expenses like traveling, food or utilities.Critical care insurance ideally provides flexible alternatives to permit the customer to select a desired and suitable plan.

Canadians are travelling overseas in ever-increasing numbers. Whatever your age or destination, properly preparing before you leave and staying in good health while travelling can help you to have enjoyable trip.When you travel abroad, you leave behind Canada’s support systems, emergency service and medical facilities.

Are you visiting Canada anytime soon? Whether as a tourist or as an immigrant make sure that you and people accompanying you are covered under visitor Insurance to Canada travel Insurance. There are many tourists or Canadian visitors who think that they do not require visitors travel insurance.

Disability is more financially disastrous than an accident. If you are disabled, you might not be able to work, resulting in no or less income. The living expenses increase, often for medical care. This is where disability insurance comes handy. This insurance can replace for your lost job.

Health and Dental Plan benefits generally include dental care, eye care, prescription drugs, semi-private or private hospital expenditure, hospital bills, medical travel, catastrophic coverage, fracture assistance and accidental death & dismemberment.

What is RESP? It is a special savings account registered with the Government of Canada to help you, your family or friends saving early your child’s education after high school.You will not be taxed on the interest, and your child can usually withdraw the money tax-free.

Since Dec 2011, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for Super Visa which is valid for up to ten years. It allows them to stay in Canada for two years at a time without the need of renewal of their status.

Outside your province of residence, your provincial health care plan offers limited coverage for emergency medical care. StudentPlan helps fill those gaps helping you and your family feel safe so you can focus on your education.The plan can cover multiple family members

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