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Congratulations on your continued education. The decision to study outside of your province or country of residence is a big one. Chances are good that you’ve got a lot on your mind. But don’t forget to think about your health coverage. Outside your province of residence, your provincial health care plan offers limited coverage for emergency medical care. StudentPlan from GMS helps fill those gaps helping you and your family feel safe so you can focus on your education. Student Plan (available to students under age 55) provides emergency medical coverage up to $2,000,000 with 17 comprehensive benefits including the cost of ambulance service, hospital rooms, treatment by a doctor, diagnostic tests and in-hospital drugs. As an option, the plan can cover multiple family members. You can also choose between four and 12 month coverage periods to suit your study terms. StudentPlan doesn’t stop at the classroom door. It also provides coverage for trips you may take while studying abroad. And because we know that student finances are tight, we’ve designed StudentPlan with direct billing options to ensure that you aren’t left out-of-pocket for steep medical expenses.

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