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Super Visa Insurance

  • Super visa insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed to cover the costs associated with medical emergencies that may occur while you are visiting Canada. 
  • A long term travel insurance for 1 year, ideally suited for visiting parents and grand parents. 
  • Another stipulation that has changed as of July 4 2022 is that super visa insurance must be purchased from a Canadian insurance company as of until now.

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Why do you need Super Visa Insurance?

It is mandatory to get a super visa insurance before applying for a super visa. Moreover, when parents leave their home country, the cost of medical treatment is very expensive to bear for them as a non-resident. Super Visa Insurance covers all their major medical expenses, outside their home country.


What are the coverages?

Super Visa Insurance plan offers convenient, affordable protection that meets Super Visa application requirements, including:

  1. Minimum coverage level of CAD $100,000 for up to 365 days in Canada and no expiry date exclusion.
  2. It covers health care, repatriation, and hospitalization.
  3. The ability to return to the home country during the trip without cancelling coverage
  4. If you have an emergency need of medical assistance after leaving your home country and before reaching Canada, your medical expenses are covered, even outside Canada.
  5. Air ambulance, accidental coverage and cremation coverage in case of a mishap ($10,000).

Premium & Deductible Options

You can pay insurance premium either

  • One time upfront payment.
  • Monthly premium payment (you need to pay 1st month and last month premium at the time of buying policy)
  1. You can change policy activation date or any other change until 1 week before the policy activation date. 
  2. If you came back to your home country before policy expiration, you can claim for the remaining premium amount after paying a nominal administration fee and showing proofs for return ticket. 
What is a deductible? 

Everyone often asks for a discount on insurance plans. The percentage of discount on insurance premium is offered against a deductible amount. Now when you go for your insurance claim, first you have to pay the deductible amount in order to get your claim.

What is the expected cost?

As with all medical insurance, cost will vary depending upon factors such as age, health and deductible. For 1 year of coverage with between $0 and $1000 deductible and no pre-existing medical condition, the insurance varies like:

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Super Visa Insurance

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