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Cost of health care in Canada

What will health care cost while you study in Canada? Will you be eligible for free health care? The answers depend on the province or territory you choose as your study destination. Check with your school, college or university to find out how to get health coverage while you study.

Health insurance while in Canada

Will you need health insurance when you study in Canada? Ask your school, college or university when you apply. Provinces and territories that offer free health care to international students may require a period of residency in Canada before you are granted free health coverage. If this is the case for you, be sure to find out what health insurance you need to obtain. As an international student, you need to determine whether your province or territory extends health care coverage to you (see above). If so, you’ll be able to access doctors and hospitals in that province or territory. This kind of health insurance does not cover dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapy and other similar services. In parts of the country where there is no free health coverage for international students, your university or college will ask you to buy private medical insurance. In Ontario, for example, all international students must have health coverage provided by University Health Insurance Plan.

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